Sunday, 23. September 2012


Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


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Kaia lost

Kaia lost in the final of the first tournament after her injury break.

Kaia's own words: "The match was so short, there is not much to tell :) In the beginning I tried to be more aggressive, I made mistakes and lost confidence. I did not win her today by just hitting the balls back, she returned everything. I just could not get the balls to court. She played very well today. I felt like the slowest tennis player in the world. My legs were heavy, everything was stiff - like a senior. I got massage and hope it will not get any worse.

My calves are hurting and the calf sleeves help that the legs will not get tired very soon. I quite like them and will use them as well tomorrow.

It is very funny, I did very hard trainings before the tournament but here just after the second match, which lasted for one hour, my calves and buttock become sore. The work you have to do while competing, it is physically totally different than any practice.

I felt that after the second round match, I started to play worse and worse. I felt myself that I played the best in the second round here. In general I am very happy that my first tournament went as it did.

I hope to play as late as possible tomorrow in Tokyo, so I can rest a little more."

Kaia will meet Silvia Soler-Espinosa (ESP WTA 78) in Tokyo WTA Premier $2,168,400 tournament's first round match tomorrow. The match will start at 4 pm local time/ 10 am Estonian time.The Spaniard leads their head-to-head 2:1. head-to-head Main draw Order of play