Monday, 24. September 2012

© Mike Hewitt/Getty

Toray Pan Pacific Open

Tokyo Japan, 24.09. – 29.09.2012 / Premier $2,168,400 hard


6:1 | 6:4

Kaia won

Kaia won in the first round and will meet Jamie Hampton (USA, WTA 91) in the second round match.

Kaia’s own words: „I played very well in the first set. I tried to be more aggressive today and it worked. I think I played a bit passive in Korea. In the beginning of the second set she played very well, she returned well and served well and then it was 2:0. All opponents here know how to play, you have to wait for your chances.

I felt very fresh today, more fresh than in Korea. I got 11 hours of sleep, and was very well rested. I think that sleep is important for me.

My calves are better. I get some massage and they do not bother me. I still use the calf sleeves.

I have not played with my tomorrow’s opponent but I did practice with her in Korea once. She plays quite well, hits aggressively. It will be a great match. I try to be as aggressive as today.“

The meeting is Schedule at court number 9 and starts not before 13:30 local time/ 7:30 Estonian time.


Tuesday, 25. September 2012


Toray Pan Pacific Open

Tokyo Japan, 24.09. – 29.09.2012 / Premier $2,168,400 hard


7:5 | 2:6 | 3:6

Kaia lost

Kaia lost in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Next week she will play at Beijing WTA Pemier level tournament.

Kaia’s own words: „It was quite average game from my side. I did play ok, my opponent played quite well. I played at the same level during the whole match. In the first set I was able to convert my chances, in the second and third set I could not. My opponent played well, she come to the net, played successfully. She held her good level during the whole match and was better today.

Tomorrow I will rest and will travel to Beijing on Thursday. I think I will not play for two days, just will relax. Tomorrow I will do some sightseeing in Tokyo, it is very rare when I’m able to do it.“