Tuesday, 22. May 2012

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Brussels Open

Brussels BEL, 21.05. – 26.05.2012 / Premier $637,000 clay


6:3 | 6:2

Kaia won

Kaia’s own words: „I played well today. In general my ground strokes were good. I was aggressive, tried to change pace and I played as versatile as I can.

Everything is ok with my serve, I do not want to comment it anymore. Sometimes I find my rhythm, sometimes not – that’s how it is. As long as anyone does not attach my second serve, as it was today, I can try to hit the first serve stronger. That is why sometimes it goes in and sometimes it does not. If i need to, i can hit the first serve as i do my second serve. Today I felt good with my second serve and it allowed me to risk more with my first serve.

My tomorrows opponent hits flat and hard. I have to be aggressive and play well, we will then see how it goes. The weather here is nice and warm, a bit damp. The court has quite many strange bounces. Kristjan is also here and cheers for me :)“

In the second round Kaia will meet with Bojana Jovanovski (SRB, WTA 111). Kaia and Bojana have played once before and last time in Sydney in 2011 Bojana won 6:4, 6:4


Wednesday, 23. May 2012

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Brussels Open

Brussels BEL, 21.05. – 26.05.2012 / Premier $637,000 clay


6:2 | 6:2

Kaia won

Kaia won in 1 hour and 4 minutes and will meet Tsvetana Pironkova (BUL, WTA 46) in tomorrows quarter final.

Kaia's own words: "Today I served better, Kristjan gave me some advice and it worked well. I started both sets well and got my game going, then it was good to play.

I have played several times with my tomorrows opponent, she serves well and I have to be ready to return great."

The quarterfinal match will be tomorrow at centre court not before 14:00 local time / 15:00 Estonian time


Thursday, 24. May 2012

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Brussels Open

Brussels BEL, 21.05. – 26.05.2012 / Premier $637,000 clay


6:3 | 6:1

Kaia won

Kaia won in 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Kaia's own words: "There was more to the game than the scoreline said. In the first set on 3:3 she also had chances, I was lucky to win that first set. In general I felt confident.

When I had 3 double fouls in a row it was no point to get nervous. If I would have become nervous I would have made also the fourth foul. I remembered that Ferrer also had 3 doubles in one game. So it happens, all kind of things happen. There is no point to panic, you just have to play and get yourself going again.

Tomorrows match will be tough if I play well. Radwanska is very stable and will not fall apart. I have to play well to win. I always have to play well to win.

My heals have not gotten worse. Today was even a bit better than in previous days. The matches have not been very long and tiresome so far. I can have a rest at least one day before Paris."

In tomorrows semifinal Kaia will meet Agnieszka Radwanska.

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Friday, 25. May 2012


Brussels Open

Brussels BEL, 21.05. – 26.05.2012 / Premier $637,000 clay


6:7 | 3:6

Kaia lost

Kaia lost in 1 hour and 51 minutes.

Kaia's own words: "Like I said yesterday, it was difficult match. It is always difficult to play with her, she does not give anything easily, you have to play well yourself in order to take points - if you are not, then she will take them. She is world number three for a reason, she plays very well and smart.

The conditions today were a bit trickier than yesterday, there was some wind and bright sun, and it was difficult to see the ball occasionally. It was as it was, I will not worry about todays game. My thoughts are in Paris already, I would like to play well there. We will start traveling to Paris within one hour. I would like to have a day off tomorrow and not to travel in that day. It is not really a day off when you need to travel.

I have played with Panova before, well not on clay. I feel good about my game, we'll see"

Kaia will play at Roland Garros next, in the first round she will meet Alexandra Panova (WTA77). The tournament starts on Sunday.