Saturday, 29. September 2012


China Open

Beijing China, 29.09. – 07.10.2012 / Premier $4,828,050 hard


Kaia withdrew from Beijing

Due to pain in her right heel Kaia decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Kaia's own words: "Left heel is ok but there is some pain in the right heel. After such a long break I suddenly played a lot. I know how difficult it is to return to the tournametns. I did not expect to do so well in the first tournament :) I played 5 matches in 5 days, usually there is a day off between some matches. Now I have to rest a bit. 

Recovering from such injury may take a bit more time. I think that heels will probably remain my weak spots, I have to be carefull and take care of them.

The tournament in Moscow is currently still in my schedule."