Sunday, 04. January 2015


Brisbane International

Brisbane AUS, 04.01. – 10.01.2015 / Premier


6:4 | 5:7 | 6:4

Kaia won

Kaia won intriguing match that lasted nearly 2 hours and 26 minutes.

Kaia in own words: " I went to play without any pressure. I hoped to get a good match in the beginning of this new season to get my feet going. At start it felt that neither of us got into the rhythm but since the middle of the first set things got better for both of us. This match was like any other match where one player played better at some point and on other times another player played better. Generally speaking I think it was a good match - win or loss is matter of small things as it was rather equal performance from both sides".

The best moments of the match can be seen here.

Next up wll be Madison Brengle (USA, WTA 91) and the match will be played most probably on Wednesday.