Tuesday, 18. September 2012


Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


6:1 | 6:0

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet Galina Voskobojeva (KAZ, WTA 68) in the second round.

Kaia's own words: "I was looking forward for my first match, to find out how I will manage being back at court. At first I was nervous, I started with double fault. It was expected and it did not make me more nervous. During first points I was hitting so soft, I think last time I played that soft when I was 14 years old :). Then I started to serve better and in the end of the first game I felt good. I felt that I am stronger and it gave me confidence. I am very satisfied with my groundstrokes, serve rhythm needs a bit polishing. I feel that I am physically in great shape and able to run - I do not need to play fast points.

I have not played with Galina lately. She is very skillful. She will probably hit some dropshots, come to net - she is a versatile player. Well, I need to think about my things, we'll see how it goes. I will play one point at a time.

Generally I do not feel much pressure, I feel free, and it is great to be back  competing. There is some excitement  in a day :)"