Friday, 28. March 2003


Neva Cup

St. Petersburg RUS, 24.03. – 30.03.2003 / 25K


0:6 | 3:6

Kaia lost

In today's quarterfinal Kaia lost against Tatsiana Uvarova of Belarus 0-6 3-6. Until 0-6 0-3, Kaia's opponent played nearly perfect tennis without making any mistakes, then Kaia managed to even the score. Unfortunately, after that she couldn't hold her serve twice and Uvarova won the second set 6-3.

In next week's WTA Tour ranking 10 points earned in Kaunas will be added to Kaia's points and it will bring her back into top 300 (around 287th place).

But as by 7th of April, when 10 points added in St. Petersburg, will be added, 24,5 points from last years fantastic Porto tournament will be dropped off, she will drop in rankings as well - approximately to 329th place.