Wednesday, 10. October 2012


Kaia has to withdraw from Kremlin Cup

After Korea Open, Kaia felt some pain in her right heel and now is also forced to skip the WTA tournament in Moscow.

Kaia’s own words: „After tough practices my right heel still hurts. When I qualify for Sofia, of course I would like to play. But there is nothing certain. I just want my legs to be ok. I am doing physical trainings and get laser treatment form my heels twice a day. We’ll see how that works. Later this week I will go and show the pictures of my heels also to a specialist in Finland. Then we can make a decision here about the future treatment if needed.”


Saturday, 29. September 2012


China Open

Beijing China, 29.09. – 07.10.2012 / Premier $4,828,050 hard


Kaia withdrew from Beijing

Due to pain in her right heel Kaia decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Kaia's own words: "Left heel is ok but there is some pain in the right heel. After such a long break I suddenly played a lot. I know how difficult it is to return to the tournametns. I did not expect to do so well in the first tournament :) I played 5 matches in 5 days, usually there is a day off between some matches. Now I have to rest a bit. 

Recovering from such injury may take a bit more time. I think that heels will probably remain my weak spots, I have to be carefull and take care of them.

The tournament in Moscow is currently still in my schedule."


Friday, 28. September 2012


China Open: Kaia will meet Tamira Paszek in the first round

Kaia's first round opponent at WTA Premier level tournament China Open, will be Tamira Paszek (AUT, WTA 32). Kaia is leading their head-to-head by 1:0 but their match was held in 2009. The match is scheduled at centre court as the second match during night session. First night session match begins not before 19:30 local time / 14:30 estonian time.

main draw


Tuesday, 25. September 2012


Toray Pan Pacific Open

Tokyo Japan, 24.09. – 29.09.2012 / Premier $2,168,400 hard


7:5 | 2:6 | 3:6

Kaia lost

Kaia lost in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Next week she will play at Beijing WTA Pemier level tournament.

Kaia’s own words: „It was quite average game from my side. I did play ok, my opponent played quite well. I played at the same level during the whole match. In the first set I was able to convert my chances, in the second and third set I could not. My opponent played well, she come to the net, played successfully. She held her good level during the whole match and was better today.

Tomorrow I will rest and will travel to Beijing on Thursday. I think I will not play for two days, just will relax. Tomorrow I will do some sightseeing in Tokyo, it is very rare when I’m able to do it.“


Monday, 24. September 2012

© Mike Hewitt/Getty

Toray Pan Pacific Open

Tokyo Japan, 24.09. – 29.09.2012 / Premier $2,168,400 hard


6:1 | 6:4

Kaia won

Kaia won in the first round and will meet Jamie Hampton (USA, WTA 91) in the second round match.

Kaia’s own words: „I played very well in the first set. I tried to be more aggressive today and it worked. I think I played a bit passive in Korea. In the beginning of the second set she played very well, she returned well and served well and then it was 2:0. All opponents here know how to play, you have to wait for your chances.

I felt very fresh today, more fresh than in Korea. I got 11 hours of sleep, and was very well rested. I think that sleep is important for me.

My calves are better. I get some massage and they do not bother me. I still use the calf sleeves.

I have not played with my tomorrow’s opponent but I did practice with her in Korea once. She plays quite well, hits aggressively. It will be a great match. I try to be as aggressive as today.“

The meeting is Schedule at court number 9 and starts not before 13:30 local time/ 7:30 Estonian time.


Sunday, 23. September 2012


Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


1:6 | 0:6

Kaia lost

Kaia lost in the final of the first tournament after her injury break.

Kaia's own words: "The match was so short, there is not much to tell :) In the beginning I tried to be more aggressive, I made mistakes and lost confidence. I did not win her today by just hitting the balls back, she returned everything. I just could not get the balls to court. She played very well today. I felt like the slowest tennis player in the world. My legs were heavy, everything was stiff - like a senior. I got massage and hope it will not get any worse.

My calves are hurting and the calf sleeves help that the legs will not get tired very soon. I quite like them and will use them as well tomorrow.

It is very funny, I did very hard trainings before the tournament but here just after the second match, which lasted for one hour, my calves and buttock become sore. The work you have to do while competing, it is physically totally different than any practice.

I felt that after the second round match, I started to play worse and worse. I felt myself that I played the best in the second round here. In general I am very happy that my first tournament went as it did.

I hope to play as late as possible tomorrow in Tokyo, so I can rest a little more."

Kaia will meet Silvia Soler-Espinosa (ESP WTA 78) in Tokyo WTA Premier $2,168,400 tournament's first round match tomorrow. The match will start at 4 pm local time/ 10 am Estonian time.The Spaniard leads their head-to-head 2:1. head-to-head Main draw Order of play


Saturday, 22. September 2012

© Chung Sung-Jun/Getty

Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


6:4 | 2:6 | 6:4

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet the first seed Caroline Wazniacki (DEN, WTA 11) in the final. Kaia and Caroline will meet the sixth time, so far Caroline leads 3:2 in head-to-head. The finaly will be played tomorrow at 12 local time/ 6 Estonian time.

Kaia's own words: "I was quite dizzy today. First time I felt alive, when it was 3:3 in the deciding set. Then it become interesting. Physically I was a bit stiff, did not have lightness in my movement, a bit of lack of energy. It was very difficult game also mentally. My opponent played very long shots with lots of topspin to everywhere. It was very tricky.

I have played with Wozniacki several times. I try to be patient and aggressive as well. I cannot start just hitting back to her but I cannot take may risks as well. I think I will need a lot of patients for tomorrow.

In general I am very satisfied to play that much at my first tournament after such a long break.

Tomorrow we will fly to Tokyo and I will have to play there on Monday. It is a bit dense with the matches at the moment but I hope I will pull through"

The qualifiers were placed to the Tokyo tournament's draw today. Kaia will meet Silvia Soler-Espinosa (ESP WTA 78) in the first round. The Spaniard leads their head-to-head 2:1. Head-to-head Main draw


Friday, 21. September 2012


Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


6:4 | 6:4

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet Varvara Lepchenko (USA, WTA 21) in the semi-final match. The match will be tomorrow at centre court as the second meeting. Matches start at 12 local time/ 6 Estonian time.

Kaia’s own words: "It was difficult and competitive match today. The conditions were a bit different compared to my other matches here. It was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning with the lights and it was a bit cold today as well. My game was today up and down, it also showed in the score line. My opponent played well and aggressive. I think it helped me a that I managed to keep calm during difficult situations, my opponent was quite nervous at times. Although altogether the match was not the greatest, I am very satisfied with the win today. I actually quite enjoyed the difficult situations and how I managed to overcome them. In the second set when I was behind, I thought that I will play one point at the time and as long as the set s not over, I have a chance.

I do not know much about my tomorrows opponent. I have not played with her before but I did see her match a bit today. She is not very aggressive left-handed player, she hits with a lot of topspin. It will be very competitive match tomorrow, I have to be patient and choose the right shot at the right time.“


Wednesday, 19. September 2012

© Chung Sung-Jun/Getty

Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


6:2 | 6:2

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet tKiki Bertens (NED, WTA 63) in the next round.

Kaia's own words: "Today was better than yesterday, I was not nervous at all. I think I played better than yesterday. I felt that I improved during the match. My opponent today was also good and I had to play well in order to win.

The conditions were not great today. It was very windy. During couple of points there was no wind, I realised how great it would be to play without wind. I tried to hit more topspin and put more spin to my serve.

I’m watching the match of my future opponent at the moment. I have played with the Spaniard before, I know nothing at the moment about the Dutch player’s game.

My quarterfinal match will be on Friday."

Kaia's match with Kiki Berten is scheduled on Friday as the fourth match at centre court. The first match of the day starts at 13:15 local time / 07:15 Estonian time.


Tuesday, 18. September 2012


Korea Open

Seoul Korea, 17.09. – 23.09.2012 / International $500K hard


6:1 | 6:0

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet Galina Voskobojeva (KAZ, WTA 68) in the second round.

Kaia's own words: "I was looking forward for my first match, to find out how I will manage being back at court. At first I was nervous, I started with double fault. It was expected and it did not make me more nervous. During first points I was hitting so soft, I think last time I played that soft when I was 14 years old :). Then I started to serve better and in the end of the first game I felt good. I felt that I am stronger and it gave me confidence. I am very satisfied with my groundstrokes, serve rhythm needs a bit polishing. I feel that I am physically in great shape and able to run - I do not need to play fast points.

I have not played with Galina lately. She is very skillful. She will probably hit some dropshots, come to net - she is a versatile player. Well, I need to think about my things, we'll see how it goes. I will play one point at a time.

Generally I do not feel much pressure, I feel free, and it is great to be back  competing. There is some excitement  in a day :)"


Monday, 17. September 2012


Kaia returns in Seoul

After three months long injury break, Kaia will return to the circuit in Seul and meet local wild-card Sung-Hee Hang (KOR, WTA 260) in the first round of $500 000 WTA international event. Kaia and Han have not palyed beforea and the match will be held at centre court on Tuesday as the second match of the day. The matches start at 11 local time (5 am Estonian time).

As Kaia did not participate in Korea Open last year, she does not have any points to defend from this tournament. The first seed in Korea Open is Caroline Wozniacki (WTA 11).

main draw 17.09 order of play


Monday, 20. August 2012


New career high for Kaia!

Kaia has reached the new career high in WTA singles ranking today and is now in the 15th place. As Kaia has not played since Roland Garros one may wonder, how it is possible to move up in rankings without playing? WTA ranking contains points form the past 52 weeks from up to 16 tournaments. The place in the ranking depends on your own points and how well the others are doing in collecting and defending their points from past year. As Kaia had a injury break at the same time last year, she does not have points to defend from that period.

Kaia's own words: "It does not mean great deal for me if I move up or down couple of places. I have not played. When I reach top 10, then I will open a bottle of champagne."

Read more about how the ranking works from here

Kaia's 2514 points are collected from the tournaments listed below:

Grand Slams:

2011-08-29 US OPEN 100 points

2012-01-16 AUSTRALIAN OPEN 100 points

2012-05-27 FRENCH OPEN 500 points

2012-06-25 WIMBLEDON 0 points

Mandatory WTA tournaments:

2011-10-01 BEIJING 140 points

2012-03-07 INDIAN WELLS 5 points

2012-03-20 MIAMI 5 points

2012-05-05 MADRID 5 points

Other tournaments:

2011-09-05 BIELLA (ITF) 70 points

2011-09-25 TOKYO - PAN PACIFIC 225 points

2011-10-17 MOSCOW 320 points

2011-11-21 HELSINKI (ITF) 24 points

2012-01-01 BRISBANE 470 points

2012-04-09 COPENHAGEN 70 points

2012-04-30 ESTORIL 280 points

2012-05-21 BRUSSELS 200 points


Friday, 17. August 2012


Kaia has decided to skip US Open

The recovery has gone well and Kaia has started with tennis practices, still she has decided not to rush with the comeback.

Kaia's own words "We took the break in order to recover from the injury completely and it has gone very well. The pictures of the heels are better than ever. In past few days I have tried to practice with full power to find out how the heels would react to but there is still some little pain after the practice. I decided that in that shape there is no point to go and try to play in the US. I will start when I can play completely without pain"

Kaia's next tournament will most probably be in Seoul.


Tuesday, 14. August 2012


Kaia likes to play tennis in the afternoon, will lose to Ivanov and does not have any rituals on court

Kaia has answered to her Facebook Fan's questions. Read more from Kaia's fanpage


Wednesday, 18. July 2012


Kaia has to withdraw from 2012 London Olympic Games

An ultrasound examination showed yesterday that Kaias heels have not recovered as fast as hoped and she has to withdraw from London Olympic Games. Dr. Madis Rahu said that increasing the practice intensity now, will eventually lead to even longer injury break.

Kaia's own words: "It is very sad that I cannot participate in the Olympics. I do not know if I will ever get another chance to participate in the Olympic Games. At the moment all I want is my legs to be ok and that I could play tennis without feeling any pain”

Kaia’s heels first started to hurt in this year’s spring in Estoril. After successful run at French Open, Kaia took an injury break hoping to be ready to play again in the London Olympic Games. Kaia future tournament schedule is not yet clear. She will have more analysis done in coming weeks and Kaia’s future plans will be set according to these results.

Kaia has previously represented Estonia in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and in 2004 Athens Olympics. London's Olympic tennis tournament begins July 28.


Wednesday, 13. June 2012


Kaia will skip Wimbledon Championships this year

Kaia has to take a break for at least four weeks in order to treat her heels. Sadly with this she will not be playing in Wimbledon. Kaia was talking about painful heels already after tournament in Estoril.

Kaia's own words: "We made some pictures of my heels and the situation is that I have to take a break from the tournaments for at least 4 weeks. This means that I have to skip Wimbledon this year. We will see how the treatment goes. I can still practice in some extent, with full practices I can start when the heels are cured."

Kaia is being looked after by doctor Madis Rahu and chiropractor Rainer Kägo.

About French Open: "I am very satisfied with what I accomplished in Paris. I think that the match with Maria taught me a lot, it showed in which level she is and what I have to do to to improve. I have never experienced such pace in the match before"

Kaia's tournament schedule will be set again after three-four weeks. Kaia definitely wishes to play at the London Olympics tennis tournament, which starts in the 28th of July.


Wednesday, 06. June 2012


Roland Garros

Paris FRA, 27.05. – 10.06.2012 / GS clay


2:6 | 3:6

Kaia lost

Unfortunately Kaia lost today and this time French Open is over for her. The statistics of today's game is here

Kaia's own words: "There is not much to tell, the balls were swept off the court and it was not competitive at all. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, did not get my game going. In the beginning of the second set I had a chance for a moment, but it was just one moment. She played very well, returned well, served well, was better in every aspect of the game. It is sad that the match was so short. I wanted to be longer out there.

Now I will return to Estonia and we will see in which condition my heels are. Then I will decide what my next tournament will be"


Monday, 04. June 2012

© Sergei Sinitsyn

Roland Garros

Paris FRA, 27.05. – 10.06.2012 / GS clay


6:1 | 4:6 | 6:0

Kaia won

Kaia won and will meet Maria Sharapova (RUS, WTA2) in the quarterfinal match on Wednesday.

Kaia's own words: "I think I played quite well in the first set. In the second set I did not play that good - I made many mistakes, did not play that aggressively and the opponent played better than in the first set. Rus was attacking well from the forehand side and moved forward to attack every time my shots were short. The game looked much different with her than with Wozniacki.

I do not know what happened in the third set but everything I tried worked out perfectly. I played bravely, did not get nervous, i think i was in a good playing zone.

The weather today was very cold, it was even uncomfortably cold to play.

I have never played with Sharapova and I look forward to it. I can test how the second ranked player in the world plays and how can I deal with her game.

Tomorrow I have a day off, there is no match and I can rest and recover. "

Statistics of today's match


Sunday, 03. June 2012

© Sergei Sinitsyn

Roland Garros: Kaia lost in doubles

Kaia and Shuai Zhang lost today in the third round of doubles tournament to Jarmila Gajdosova - Anastasia Rodionova 4:6 5:7.

Kaia will continue in the fourth round in singles tomorrow.


Saturday, 02. June 2012

© APF/SCANPIX © Sergei Sinitsyn © Sergei Sinitsyn © Sergei Sinitsyn

Roland Garros

Paris FRA, 27.05. – 10.06.2012 / GS clay


6:1 | 6:7 | 6:3

Kaia won

Kaia won very tough match and reached to the fourth round. The match statistics is here

Kaia's own words: "Very tough match was today, at first mentally and then physically. It is difficult when in certain moments the match does not come to my way and then you will end up losing the set as well. At one point in the second set I broke the strings in my racket and took a new one. Maybe I was a little tense at that time, was afraid to hit and then lost the touch. Luckily I tried to keep playing aggressively to get the feeling back and found it.

It was also difficult to start the third set but luckily I got going well. In the end it was again difficult to close out the match. It took a lot of mental power to win today.

Wozniacki played as I predicted, her backhand is much more dangerous than her forehand. Her serve is a bit improved since we last played. I was ready for her high balls and hit myself some high balls to her forehand side.

By drawing the heart to the court i showed how much I love to play in Paris :)"

Kaia's opponent in the fourth round is Arantxa Rus (NED, 88). The match will be most probably on Monday.

Kaia and Shuai Zhang will have their third round doubles match against Jarmila Gajdosova - Anastasia Rodionova tomorrow. Their match is at court number 3 as the third match of the day. Matches start at 11 local time/ 12 Estonian time.

Doubles draw Sunday order of play